Disclaimer (Online Version Of Bylaws)

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2. The online By-Law PDF versions are for general reference only. Some By-Laws presented on this website may have ammendments which are not otherwise noted here. Please contact the Township Office for any possible ammendments prior to acting upon the information provided here.


By-Law Number
2004-23 Complaint Reporting Policy
1090-23 Yard Maintenance
955-14 Culverts – Size, Placement, Payment Of Culverts
992-18 Storage Containers/C-Cans/Freight Containers
982-17 Lapish Road Speed
969-15 Off-Road Vehicles On Highways In The Township Of Laird
924-12 Dog Control
921-12 Animals At Large
866-07 Finns’ Bay Road – Parking
953-14 Finns’ Bay Road – Parking West Side
531 Municipal Zoning (Please see office for all additional amendments)
868-08 Kennels
845-05 Procedural
952-14 Open Air Burning
954-14 Stop Sign
832-04 Procurement Policy


Year 2023